At age 15 my first job was working for a local garden center, so I knew photographing Mesquite Valley Growers, Tucson’s largest and best known nursery, was a perfect fit. One day I stopped in and introduced myself to Tom, the owner, and after a long chat and waiting several months waiting for Spring to roll around, we scheduled a Business Branding photo shoot with drone aerial photos and video (My friend and drone pilot Paul Roldan took care of the aerial work).

Me in action. Photo by Paul Roldan.

Mesquite Valley Growers recently finished a huge expansion with a brand new building and greenhouse last year, so it was great timing to capture the brand new facilities and the huge selection of plants and indoor goods they have to offer. It’s a massive place, so there was a lot to photograph. We could have been there for days!

Paul Roldan flying his Mavic Pro drone inside the nursery.

In the end we provided well over 200 high resolution photos of the interiors and exteriors, including wide shots, close-ups, staff, and plenty of pictures of gorgeous product. We also took dozens of great aerial photos and over 2 minutes of video clips they they can use for their advertising.

Here’s what my client had to say:

“Working with Ambrose Photography was a wonderful and superb experience. His professionalism was of the highest level and he went above and beyond in his creativity and quality for Mesquite Valley Growers Nursery photo shoot. We are so pleased with the service and would definitely choose to do business with him again in the future. Thank you Joey!!!”

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Here’s a sampling of the photos we took: