New paint needs new pictures, right?

I was recently contacted to photograph the building exteriors of Hilands Apartments in Tucson. They just re-painted their apartment buildings and needed to update their marketing materials with new images. I was happy to help.

It took some trial and error to plan this shoot. The day before our scheduled day, a monsoon storm took out several trees and made quite a mess, so we pushed back a week. I shot the property over two days. The first day it hit 110 degrees outside – so hot I couldn’t fly the drone! I took the exterior photos on the ground (as early as I could of course), and came back the second day just after sunrise to shoot the remaining stills and the drone photos.

In the end I provided my client over 40 high resolution photos, about 25% more than they asked for. I was very happy with the results, but more importantly, the client was very happy! Turns out great photography rents more apartments 🙂 Feel free to comment below!

Here are some selected photos from that shoot: