I had a great real estate photography shoot today in one of Tucson’s oldest and best known areas of town, the Sam Hughes neighborhood. The house was once a rental in an area very close to the University of Arizona. It was pretty run down from years of neglect. Local Realtor John Meeker, his wife Laurie, and their son purchased the house and went to work remodeling it. After three months and a lot of hard work, they’ve turned this beautiful split floor plan block home into a showpiece in one of Tucson’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

I was brought in to take interior and exterior twilight photos of the house for the MLS listing. I showed up at 6:15 AM and went to work, starting with a nice elevated photo of the front of the house for the “money shot”, then several angles of the front and back of the house, then moving inside to tackle the interior.

The majority of this shoot was done before the sun came up to avoid any harsh sun light or shadows, so I took all the window shots before the sun came up. After that initial rush to get my pre-dawn shots, I was able to slow down and take my time with the more important areas of the house. Since Laurie Meeker is a professional home stager, the house was beautifully decorated, making this house very photogenic.

Any photographer will tell you great photography is all about lighting. This house has an interesting kitchen with some cool features the owners wanted to show off, so I paid close attention to lighting the kitchen. Here’s a cell phone picture of the kitchen without special lighting:

It’s a nice looking kitchen, right? Well, it is, but this picture just doesn’t do it justice. That’s where I came in, with my fancy camera and some lighting gear 🙂 Here’s a quick behind the scenes video on how I used some lighting to really make the kitchen stand out.


So, how did the photo of the kitchen turn out? Here’s a gallery of the entire shoot, including the kitchen. If you are in need of a real estate photographer, give me a call. I’d love to help you make the most of your photos. You can find me via my contact form.